I couldn’t be more pleased. The installation was very professional. The units themselves have exceeded my expectations. I can’t understand why you are not swamped with orders. Enough light comes through in the day time so lights are not necessary, but there is complete privacy inside the house. (You do need to draw the curtains at night, as folks then can see in.) I have six huge windows that face due south. In the winter they save me a lot on heating costs, as I get a lot of solar energy in the house. But they have been a problem in the summer. I only heat or cool my second floor when I have  guests. So I set the AC at 80 degrees. Usually the temp hits this number around 1 or 2, so the AC (a four ton unit) cycles on. On the three sunny days since the installation, the temp upstairs never got above 75, so the AC never cycled. Multiply that by about 120 AC days a year and you have a huge savings in energy! And they also look “cool.”