Commercial Garage Door Operators in CT

Commercial Garage Door Operators in CT

Commercial Door Operators for Businesses in Connecticut

Organizations in Connecticut rely on roll-up doors, counter shutters, commercial garage doors, service doors and other products for their loading bays, interior spaces, warehousing and commercial garages. If you want to make sure your commercial overhead door is as convenient and efficient as possible, choosing the right commercial garage door openers in Connecticut becomes essential.

For heavy-duty applications, where your business garage or overhead doors may be opened many times per hour, you'll need commercial garage door operators that allow you to open and close the doors conveniently. You can find them at American Overhead Doors, Inc.

Long-Lasting Garage Door Operating Systems

The best commercial garage door openers are durable so your business faces less downtime due to garage door issues. LiftMaster is one of the industry's leaders when it comes to commercial garage door operators in Connecticut. American Overhead Doors, Inc. is proud to carry a selection of LiftMaster solutions for your organization.

LiftMaster operators offer quiet operation and come with warranties for your peace of mind. They’re also created for your profitability. Some of the operators, for example, can be set up so your commercial garage doors close after a set period of time. Some let you open doors partway, which is perfect for quick trips to the inventory room when you may not want to open the doors fully to allow the elements to enter a climate-controlled space. 

LiftMaster operators are designed for industrial use, featuring heavy-duty chains and belts. Many of the models we carry allow for easy operation even when the power goes out, allowing business operations to continue.

Overhead Door Operators From LiftMaster

LiftMaster offers modern solutions for today’s businesses. Some of their models include myQ® technology, an innovation that revolutionizes how you use your commercial garage doors. This technology allows you to operate your commercial garage and overhead doors remotely from your cell phone, tablet, laptop or other device.

With myQ® technology, you can enjoy greater security by controlling and monitoring your lights and operator even when you’re off-site. You can let in the night crew, check that the doors are closed and get a push notification or email alert when your commercial door is opened. The app to control the operator is free to activate and download.

The technology also lets you work safely and compliantly by tracking schedules and how often your commercial door is opened or closed. You also have the option to get real-time custom data so you can see activity levels and set goals. You can even give specific access to your commercial door by time, location or person.

Connecticut's Choice for Commercial Door Products

If your company needs commercial garage door operators in Connecticut, you can count on American Overhead Doors, Inc. to provide them. We’re proud to serve all of Connecticut, so we can partner with you regardless of where your organization is located in the state. Contact us today to arrange an appointment to view the operators in our showroom or to get an estimate.