Garage Door Hinge Repairs in Connecticut

Garage doors seem like fairly simple systems — you press a button and the door opens or closes. While they do have a simple job, there are many parts of a garage door system that all work together to give you the convenience, security and other benefits you expect.

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The hinges are one part of the garage door system. The garage door itself is made up of panels. When the garage door moves up and down, have you noticed how the panels buckle slightly to move on a rounder path instead of staying completely flat? This movement is possible because of the hinges. They are installed on the side of the door that faces inside the garage to give the door smoother operation.

If your garage door has broken hinges, the door may not function properly. Since the garage door is an element of your home or business you rely on and use every day, you will want to fix the issue as soon as possible.

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Professional Garage Door Hinge Repairs

When you notice that the panels on the exterior of the door wobble when you open or close the door, if the hinges appear loose or if the panels begin to separate, it’s time to repair or replace the hinges.

Compared to other garage door problems, hinge replacement and other work on this part of the door is fairly simple. Buying new hinges is very inexpensive and can take a short amount of time to finish the project.

But, if you aren’t as experienced doing jobs like this or don’t feel confident doing it yourself, it’s always a great option to trust a local professional. American Overhead Doors, Inc. is ready to fix broken hinges on your garage door at your Connecticut home or business.

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Replacing Garage Door Hinges

If you have a garage door hinge that broke and are looking for expert repair in Connecticut, choose American Overhead Doors, Inc.! With over 30 years of experience working in communities across Connecticut, we can solve any issue because we’ve probably done it many times already. Fixing the hinges is a very affordable and fast job — we’ll be finished up in no time!

Work on garage door hinges usually falls into two categories — replacing the entire hinge or fixing the current one. With so much movement, the hinges can become loose. In situations like this, tightening the screws to keep them in place can solve the problem. If they’re too old or broken, you’ll need to replace them.

When you have a broken hinge on your garage door in Connecticut or another necessary repair, call American Overhead Doors, Inc. We offer a variety of different garage door services and are ready to solve all of your garage door problems at your home or business.

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