Tips for Garage Door Safety Month 2020

It’s June, which means it’s Garage Door Safety Month! Here’s a friendly reminder to ensure that you and your family maintain a safe home environment. Your garage door may not seem like the biggest threat, but many individuals are hurt by garage door malfunctions each year. Fortunately, you can help prevent these accidents. Start by taking a look at these garage door safety tips. 1. Check Door Balance Your garage door should move up and down with ease when it’s balanced. If you neglect its maintenance, however, it can become unbalanced. You’ll notice this problem if your garage door seems unevenly […]

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COVID-19 Message

American Overhead Doors is currently running full operations at this time! This includes all sales, service and all Installations. As of now our showroom is by appointment only– however we have 2 great sales reps that will accommodate all schedules. Until further notice our parts department is closed for all in house sales. We can ship out parts, just call and we can price it up for you. We are cleaning daily and have taken all advisements from the CDC and CT authorities on employees staying home if sick. All of our installers and service technicians are required to wear […]

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Guide to Buying an Insulated Garage Door in Connecticut

Let’s face it — Connecticut weather is unpredictable. Especially in the spring and autumn months, outdoor temperatures can spike or drop in a heartbeat. With an insulated garage door, you can always be sure you’re pulling in to a comfortable garage, no matter the season. An insulated garage door has many benefits that make it worth the cost. There’s also a lot that goes into choosing the right one for your Connecticut home, which is why we’ve put together this insulated garage door buying guide. Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door Does an insulated garage door make a difference? Yes. […]

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DIY Garage Organization Tips and Tricks

Clutter can pile up in the garage if you’re not careful. Go through the treasures in your possession and get some new garage storage. You can organize this area of the home using the free space on your floor, walls and ceilings. Do you want to use your garage to protect your car from harsh weather, but accumulated junk forces you to park in the street? Use this guide to discover some brilliant garage organization tips. How to Start Organizing Your Garage To help you organize your garage, make a checklist. Here are some garage organization plans to consider. Make […]

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Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repairs

Garage doors are a vital component of every home — they protect our cars and homes while boosting curb appeal. However, despite using garage doors every day, we almost never dedicate any time to examining their condition — unless, of course, something goes wrong. In this article, we’ll discuss some symptoms that commonly indicate when you should have your door repaired.

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Guide to Buying a Contemporary Garage Door in Connecticut

Garage doors play a prominent role in most homes, both functionally and aesthetically. It needs to work reliably day in and day out. It has to survive the elements and inclement weather. It has to be able to take some abuse, whether from getting smacked with soccer balls or being bumped with a car. And, of course, it must suit the look and feel of your home’s exterior. There’s more than you might imagine behind buying a garage door, so we’ve put together a guide to help you pick a contemporary garage door in Connecticut.

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July 4th Holiday Schedule

I’d like to take a moment and wish all of our friends and families a safe and happy July 4th. We will be closed on the 4th and 5th to take a little time with our friends and family ! This is also our first post to our new website- and we will update the blog more frequently in the up coming weeks, and months ! – Michael Misenti COO- American Overhead Doors, Inc.

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