Garage Door Panel Repairs in Connecticut

Your garage door is more complex than you may realize. With several important mechanisms, when even one part of the system breaks, it affects the entire operation. Broken panels are usually a cosmetic problem, but they can cause other issues, too.

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Here is a look at what happens if your garage door panels become damaged and what you can do to fix them.

What Can Happen When My Garage Door Panel Is Damaged?

When one or multiple panels are damaged on your garage door, a number of different effects can occur. These are a few of the problems that come up with damaged garage door panels:

  • Weather Exposure: If the broken panels create openings to the outdoors, your garage will receive more weather exposure. Rain or snow can seep in, wind can get through and the garage becomes more susceptible to temperature changes outside. The extra moisture and other weather elements can damage items stored in your garage.
  • Limited Security: Broken panels can also cause security concerns. Someone with bad intentions may see the break as an opportunity to take advantage. Normally a garage door adds security to the building, but a broken panel has the opposite effect.
  • Poor Appearance: Especially for homeowners, garage doors play an important role in curb appeal. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home, a garage door with a broken panel can give your home an unattractive appearance.

Considering the negative effects of broken garage door panels, you will probably want to fix the problem as soon as you can. When you let these problems go, you may end up with additional damage to your garage door system and your belongings stored in the garage. By addressing the problem quickly, you can minimize these issues.

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Can I Fix My Damaged/Bent Garage Door Panel?

Handy homeowners may feel confident in trying to repair their broken garage door panels on their own. If the damage isn’t too severe and if you have experience doing DIY projects on your garage door system, this option could work for you.

Even if you are able to attempt the repair on your own, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your best option. Even the most experienced home improvement DIYer could come across an unexpected problem they are not prepared to deal with. If that happens, you could end up causing additional damage and have to pay more than you would with the original problem.

Instead, hire a local professional to complete your garage door panel repair or replacement. If you’re in Connecticut, trust American Overhead Doors, Inc. Whether you need to repair or replace a garage door panel, we have the experience and expertise to get your garage door back to perfect working order.

To learn about our garage door panel replacement and repair services, please contact us today. You can also request a quote to see how the cost of your repair will fit into your budget.

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