Emergency Service and Repair

Emergency Service and Repair

Your garage door is an important part of your home or business. Whether you’re coming home after a long day or waiting to receive an important shipment at your business, you use garage doors every day. With so much use, your garage door will see a good amount of wear and tear. While you can sometimes plan for repairs and maintenance, surprise issues occasionally come up.

When you experience a garage door emergency, you don’t want to wait around until the garage door professional is ready to schedule your appointment. In some cases, a day or two or even a few hours is too long to wait for a fix.

If you need emergency service on your garage door, whether it is for a residential or commercial garage door, American Overhead Doors, Inc. is ready to complete the repair whenever you need us.

On-Call Technicians

We have a team of on-call technicians who are ready to complete a repair. We understand it’s not always possible for you to adjust to our schedule — sometimes we need to adjust to yours!

With a team of on-call technicians, we’re ready to complete a repair whenever it is most convenient for you. There are several reasons why you may need help from our team for garage door emergency services in Connecticut.

Sometimes when your garage door breaks, it causes the door to remain closed. If your car is inside the garage, this could cause serious problems. If you need to be somewhere at a particular time and don’t have the resources to rent a car or call for a ride, an emergency repair is your best option.

In a business setting, a broken garage door can cost you time and money. You could miss an urgent delivery or lose clients. An emergency repair will help you get back on track as soon as possible.

24/7 Availability

Certain garage door repairs can’t wait. Unlike other garage door professionals in the area, our team of on-call technicians is available at any time of the day or night. Whether you need someone when you’re heading out to work in the morning or find something wrong in the middle of the night, our technicians will be there whenever you need us.

We understand that breaks and problems with your garage door don’t always occur when it’s convenient for you. Sometimes, they happen at the worst possible time. Even when you need a garage door repair that’s outside of normal business hours, American Overhead Doors will be there to complete an expert repair to get your garage door back into perfect working order.

Emergency Garage Door Service at American Overhead Doors

Whenever you need it, use our 24-hour garage door repair service for your Connecticut home or business. With more than 30 years serving homeowners and business owners throughout Connecticut, we’re ready to take on any job. To learn more about our other services and products, please contact us today!

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