Commercial Garage Door Operator Repairs in Connecticut

Businesses have different needs than homeowners when it comes to their garage doors. Residential garage doors need to have both functionality and looks. But for businesses, you can focus mainly on functionality. Since your garage door probably isn’t customer facing, looks don’t have to be an important factor.

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When any part of your garage door stops working as it should, it can cause major disruptions in your daily operations. These disruptions can manifest as losses in both time and money.

If the operator of your commercial garage door breaks or stops working properly, you’ll need to fix it as soon as you can to avoid these negative effects. American Overhead Doors, Inc. is ready to provide any maintenance and repair on the operator at your business to get you and your staff back to business as usual.

Solutions for Broken Garage Door Operators

We work with top brands in the industry, like LiftMaster. With over 30 years of experience providing top-quality garage door repair, maintenance and replacement services, we can take on any problem you have with your garage door’s operator.

Every part of a garage door system is important, including the operator. The different parts all work together to maintain smooth, safe and efficient operation. The operator plays a key role because it acts like a control center, helping to maintain balance and proper movement within the entire mechanism.

In a business setting, you probably have a garage door model that is geared toward commercial usage. Many commercial garage doors are larger and heavier, so they need specialized operators to handle the extra size and weight.

Our team at American Overhead Doors, Inc. is ready to solve any issues with your commercial operator. Our fast and expert service will get your garage door working as it should again.

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Expert Garage Door Operator Repair From American Overhead Doors, Inc.

We are a family owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We serve businesses and homeowners across Connecticut, providing commercial garage door operator repair services and more. No matter what your garage door needs are, we find the best solutions and complete expert repairs.

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When we arrive for your service appointment, we’ll take a look at the operator and the other parts of the garage door system. After our inspection, we’ll go over all of your options and make our recommendation for what we believe is your best choice for completing any repairs or other maintenance. When you’ve given us the go ahead, we’ll complete the work and get your garage door back to normal working order.

Whether you’re having trouble with the operator on your garage door or experience any other type of problem, American Overhead Doors, Inc. is ready to take care of it! Please contact us to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment today.

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