Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repairs in Connecticut

The opener for your garage door provides a level of convenience and safety for your home or business. With how important this part of your garage door is, you’ve probably come to rely on it.

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When your garage door opener breaks or isn’t working as reliably as it should, you realize how much you use the opener every day. It doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner or a business owner or manager — your garage door opener is an important fix.

If you’re experiencing problems with your garage door opener, you’ll want to have it fixed as soon as possible. You can trust American Overhead Doors, Inc. to provide expert repairs on garage door openers to return the system to perfect working condition.

Brands Serviced

At American Overhead Doors, we work with the best products. Liftmaster is one of the best names when it comes to garage door openers, and it’s the brand we primarily work with. But, even if you have another opener brand, we can complete the repair.

Liftmaster garage door openers are reliable and have a wide variety of models available. For commercial and residential applications, Liftmaster has a garage door opener you can rely on for many years.

Common Issues: Track, Transmitter & Battery

There are a few key parts of any opener that allow the product to operate properly. Whatever part of the opener is causing an issue, our team of expert technicians is ready to solve it.

If the garage door gets off the tracks, the opener will not be able to open or close the door like it’s supposed to. Sometimes when the opener isn’t working right, it’s a problem with the battery. And still, other issues may come from the transmitter. If your opener gets on the same frequency as a neighbor’s opener, activating one may open two different garage doors.

No matter what the problem is with your garage door opener, American Overhead Doors will provide expert-level repairs. When we arrive at your home or business, we will complete an inspection, locate the problem, make our recommendation and finish up the repair.

24-Hour Service

Sometimes a problem with your garage door opener can turn into an emergency. If that happens, you may need a repair outside of regular business hours.

A unique service we offer is our 24-hour repair service. With a team of on-call technicians, we’re ready to visit your home or business and help get your garage door back to normal working condition. Whether it’s the middle of the night or early in the morning, we can complete repairs and other services on your garage door opener.

If you need a garage door opener repair, battery replacement or another service for your Connecticut home or business, we’re ready to take on the job. Contact us today to learn more about our services and products or to schedule service.

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