Commercial Garage Door Repairs in Connecticut

For homeowners, a garage door’s appearance is just as important as its functionality. For businesses, the garage door isn’t typically customer-facing, so you can focus on its functionality.

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When your garage door breaks, it can cause major problems. Finding a local garage door professional you can trust to take care of any issues with your garage doors is important to keeping your business operating smoothly and efficiently.

Choose American Overhead Doors, Inc. to quickly resolve any problems with your garage door so you can get back to business as usual.

Repair Services: Broken Springs, Hinges, Operators & More

A garage door is more complex than you may realize. With several important parts, problems with any one of those components can affect the entire system. The springs, panels of the door, track and safety sensors are just a few places where problems can come up.

American Overhead Doors is ready to fix any issues with your commercial garage door. Whether you need a panel replacement or any other type of fix, we’re ready to get your commercial garage door back to like-new condition.

There are a few signs you may need a repair on your garage door. Strange sounds, physical damage to the panels, shaking and more may indicate something is wrong.

Whether you know exactly what’s wrong with your garage door or aren’t sure what the precise issue is, a member of our team will be there through the entire repair process. After you schedule your service appointment, we will inspect the entire garage door system, find any problems, go over each of your options and recommend what we think is your best option.

Only after receiving your go-ahead will we begin our work. When we’re done, you can feel confident knowing the issue was solved promptly. With such a high level of quality in our work, you’ll never need to go to any other garage door professional.

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When something does go wrong with your commercial garage door, you’ll want a fix as soon as possible. Since your garage door is a vital part of your daily operations, a broken or malfunctioning door can cause disruptions and other problems. Taking too much time to schedule a repair could lead to employees getting hurt, losing money and other negative effects.

For all of your repair needs, such as a commercial garage door panel repair, call American Overhead Doors. With more than 30 years servicing both commercial and residential garage doors, we’ve seen just about everything that could go wrong with your own garage door system.

With so many years of experience, our team is ready to solve any problem with your garage door. The sooner your garage door gets back to working reliably, the sooner you can get back to what’s important.

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After you get in touch with us about your garage door repair needs, we’ll make sure a member of our team comes out to your property when you need us. To learn more about our services and products or to schedule a repair with us, please contact us today!

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