Things to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

Things to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

Residential garage doors are vital for security, functionality, convenience and curb appeal. An old or broken garage door can slow down your daily routine, making it more frustrating and stressful.

Though replacing your garage door involves some research, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. We’ve designed this garage door buying guide to help you make the best decision for your home, so you can quickly find what you need. 

5 Garage Door Buying Tips to Consider

You’ll quickly see how many outstanding options are available when you start comparing garage door features. However, that can make it challenging to narrow down your preferences!

Here are five garage door considerations to help you become a more informed customer. 

  1. Appearance: Variables include your chosen materials, preferred color and the style that best matches your home. 
  2. Sizing: Your garage door’s size will impact your overall cost and could be a factor in your material choice. 
  3. Environment: If you have an insulated garage, you’ll likely want insulation on your garage door, too. The best option will depend on what you intend to use your garage for. 
  4. Budget: It’s wise to decide your price range beforehand so you don’t overspend. Don’t forget to add the hardware and installation costs.
  5. Technology: How high-tech would you like your garage door to be? Many homeowners enjoy having remote openers, safety features and smart home integration. These technologies make your garage door more comfortable and convenient to use.

Now that you have a foundation to get started, let’s go deeper. Keep reading to learn more about prioritizing your preferences and finding the ideal garage door for your home. 

5 Garage Door Buying Tips to Consider

How to Buy a New Garage Door

Choosing a garage door requires many personal decisions, based on your goals, budget and style. To simplify the process, divide all the variables into two lists — needs and wants. You can quickly narrow down your best garage door choices by starting with needs. 

Garage Door Needs

Here are some categories to consider for your needs list: 

These items fit best in the needs list because they’re make-or-break decisions. When setting your budget, aim for a range that feels comfortable for you. You may need to research what costs are reasonable for a high-quality product. 

Garage door size is also essential because it can impact affordability. A trailer-sized garage door will be much larger than a residential garage door for a one-car garage. Before you go shopping, measure your current garage door to get the correct dimensions.

An insulated door is only a must-have if the rest of your garage has insulation and an HVAC system. Pairing an insulated garage with an uninsulated door isn’t energy-efficient. However, an uninsulated door makes more sense if your garage isn’t insulated. 

Garage Door Wants

Buying a garage door also involves gauging your preferences and looking for a model that meets as many needs and wants as possible. Multiple garage door customizations are available, so you can find the perfect fit for your home. 

Here are some items to put on your wants list: 

  • The material you like
  • The technology you’d prefer
  • What style and color you’re interested in

Your chosen material will affect your home’s appearance, so you could consider it a need. However, we’ve put it on the wants list because everyone has different stylistic preferences. Many beautiful options at various prices can blend well with your home, including steel, wood and faux wood. 

If you’re interested in additional security features, you can invest in technology to make your garage door safer and more convenient. Talk to your local dealer about remote openers and security systems. 

Other garage door wants include your style and color preferences. Popular styles include farmhouse, contemporary, carriage house and traditional. Each blends well with a range of homes, so you can choose what best reflects your taste. 

Maintenance Tips When Buying a Garage Door

Maintenance is another essential feature to consider when buying a new garage door. While many homeowners prefer the DIY route, leaving some tasks to a professional is better for safety reasons. 

You must understand your purchase’s maintenance needs when shopping for a new garage door. For example, a wood garage door will need refinishing several times during its life span. That’s straightforward enough to do yourself if you’re handy around the home, or you can hire a professional. 

Other upkeep includes replacing functional garage door components like torsion springs. If you purchase heavy-duty parts, they will last longer and require less maintenance. However, when it’s time to replace them, you must hire an experienced technician to do the job safely. 

How to Choose the Best Garage Door Material 

There are several considerations when choosing your garage door material, including your stylistic preferences and budget.

Different garage door styles lend themselves well to various materials. For example, carriage house and farmhouse garage doors are traditionally wood. In contrast, modern and contemporary garage doors are typically steel. This material’s sleek, minimalist appearance creates the perfect backdrop for modern homes. Steel comes in many colors, and you can add texture with different panels. 

Another option is to purchase faux wood — a steel door with a wood texture or overlay. This material bridges the gap for homeowners who prefer the wood aesthetic but are working with a lower budget. Regardless of your material preference, you can find the perfect color choice and style option for your home.

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