Benefits of Adding Smart Technology to Your Garage Door

Benefits of Adding Smart Technology to Your Garage Door

Benefits of Adding Smart Technology to Your Garage Door

Thousands of Americans are switching to smart home alternatives because of the benefit they offer. Smart garage doors improve your home’s security and make life simpler by giving you access to your home regardless of your destination. All you need is a smartphone or any mobile device and internet connectivity.

Today, we’ll look at what a smart garage door opener is and five ways smart technology can change your home’s experience. We’ll also talk about how you can make your garage door smart and three essential factors to consider when purchasing a smart garage door for your home.

What Is a Smart Garage Door Opener?

With a smart garage door, you can operate your garage door from any destination in the world and monitor your garage from a distance. 

A smart garage door control is a remote system integrated with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to access and operate your garage door on multiple digital devices, such as your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The smart garage door is embedded with sensors on the garage door rails and a controller that transmits information to an associated application. The application offers more features than the once revolutionary traditional garage remote systems, including real-time security alerts, automatic controls, voice activation, fingerprint access and face recognition. 

Smart garage doors rely on industry 4.0 technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the internet of things (IoT), cybersecurity systems and cloud computing to provide the finest experience. The application has a user-friendly interface, making it simple to use. 

What Are the Benefits of a Smart Garage Door?

Installing a smart garage makes life safer, more straightforward and more convenient. Unsurprisingly, 74% of smart garage door owners say they would repurchase the device. Let’s consider the benefits of using smart garage doors in detail:

1. Improves Home Security

Security is one of the essential considerations when securing a new garage door. The garage is the largest access unit to your home, so it’s crucial to ensure optimum safety. Smart garage doors employ cutting-edge technology to protect your home and your family. 

You can use the camera installed on the devices to monitor activities if your children are alone at home. If someone attempts to break into your home or enters without your permission, the security system will automatically alert you or the security authorities of the intrusion in real-time. This function is accessible even when you are several miles away from home. You can also integrate fingerprint scanners and face recognition into your garage door, allowing only authorized entries into your garage. 

2. Control Your Garage From Any Location

The transmission on traditional garage doors operates only when the remote control is a few meters away — you cannot control the door from long distances. Smart garage door systems allow you to manage your garage door from any location on the planet. 

Supposing you’re on vacation but expecting a package. The smart tool lets you open the door for the delivery person to place the package safely inside your home and close the door immediately after they leave. This feature is a must-have, considering that 1.7 million packages are stolen or lost daily in the United States.

Remote access also helps to keep your family safe and makes access to your garage convenient. When your kids forget their keys, you can let them in without traveling back home to open the door. 

3. Enjoy Automatic Operations

Enjoy Automatic Operations

You can instruct your smart garage door to open and close at certain times, and it will comply. The technology allows you to schedule times around your clock to operate the door automatically. You can activate the automatic lock feature if you’re likely to forget. Besides controlling the door, you can schedule when the lights in your garage should turn on or off. The feature is accessible whether you’re home or on a trip. 

4. Operate Your Garage Door With Multiple Devices

Smart garage systems turn your digital devices into remote controls with a simple process. Unlike traditional garage door openers, which are limited to the number of remotes in your possession, smart garages allow you to “create” more at your convenience. Using digital devices to access your garage doors has added sub-benefits. 

First, any person with access to your traditional garage door remote control can assess your garage — smart garages solve this problem. Garage doors embedded with smart controls allow you to include extra security features. Second, you can use your garage door without worrying about maintaining your remote control. You can switch or add new remote controls at any time. Third, the device’s user interface offers you a simple yet exciting experience.

5. Enhance the Capabilities of Your Smart Home Ecosystem

Smart home automation is growing popular because of the convenience and feasibility it offers to consumers. The products are designed to simplify your day-to-day activities and make your tasks more efficient. Smart garage doors can also collaborate with the rest of the smart products in your home and enhance the ecosystem, which makes it possible to control your home from a single device. The system is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, giving you voice control over your garage door opener.

How Can You Make Your Garage Door Smart?

Two systems can make your garage door smart. The first allows you to install devices on your existing garage door and convert and embed it with smart features. This approach works by wiring the smart garage door opener to the existing garage door’s control panel and pushing button terminals. It allows you to control the door with the application software installed on your smartphone or other mobile devices by sending signals to the upgraded opener. The instructions you put in the app act like the push button and operate the door.

The second type is a complete unit containing a new motorized opener with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. You get complete access once the door is installed and connected to the internet. You can make the settings on the app on your smartphone and request additional features depending on your needs.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Smart Garage Door Opener for Your Home

Before you secure a smart home garage door, consider the following factors:

  • Internet connectivity: Smart home garage doors operate with the help of internet connectivity. You can connect the garage door to your home Wi-Fi system for complete access. Your mobile device must also have internet access to control and monitor your garage from miles away.
  • Desired features: Smart garage doors have standard features that allow you to open and close the door with your smartphone. However, the system is customizable according to your needs. You can include features such as lights, cameras, keypad control and sensors for extra security.
  • Budget: Determine how much you can afford when selecting a smart garage door. There are varying features at different prices. Think about the features you need the most and choose the options that fit your budget.

Learn More About Smart Garage Doors With American Overhead Doors, Inc.

Smart garage doors improve your home’s safety and make your life easier and more efficient. Modern garage doors with smart technologies allow you to access, control and monitor your garage from anywhere. Advanced security features such as cameras, light control, motion sensors and real-time notifications help keep your family and property safe. When selecting the right garage door for your home, ensure a stable internet connection and choose the features according to your needs. Also, consider how much you want to spend on the door without compromising quality.

American Overhead Doors, Inc. is a family-owned and operated garage door company with over 30 years of experience in the business. We carry only the best brands that add value to your home. Our smart garage doors are customizable with a wide range of options. 

Contact us now to learn more about our products and services, or request an estimate today!

Learn More About Smart Garage Doors With American Overhead Doors, Inc.

Tips for Garage Door Safety Month 2020

It’s June, which means it’s Garage Door Safety Month! Here’s a friendly reminder to ensure that you and your family maintain a safe home environment. Your garage door may not seem like the biggest threat, but many individuals are hurt by garage door malfunctions each year. Fortunately, you can help prevent these accidents. Start by taking a look at these garage door safety tips.

1. Check Door Balance

Your garage door should move up and down with ease when it’s balanced. If you neglect its maintenance, however, it can become unbalanced. You’ll notice this problem if your garage door seems unevenly weighted. You can test your theory and determine a solution with a few tricks. It’s smart to conduct this check every few months to stay safe.

Turn off your garage door’s opener. Then, slide it up and down the tracks a few times to see if it glides smoothly. Let go at a certain point to see if the door stays put. If it moves, you’ll know there’s a balance problem. You may need to replace your garage door’s springs — it’s best to contact a professional for this project.

2. Look for Wear

You should check your garage door for wear and tear. All garage doors endure damage over time, especially when it comes to severe weather. If yours has cracks or dents, it likely doesn’t function as it should. Plus, any moisture buildup can lead to mildew and rot. It’s more common for wooden doors to take on water-related decay, but you should make time to check for these issues no matter your door’s material.

You can use a flashlight to illuminate your garage door’s cracks and crevices. If you notice any prominent damage that may affect your door’s performance, you should have an expert take a look.

3. Test Door Sensors

Your automatic garage door can prevent injuries, but only when it works correctly. A garage door that comes with sensors and functions properly can sense when there’s an object around or underneath it. It won’t close unless the item moves. However, if the sensors are damaged, missing or misaligned, your garage door could shut abruptly even if there’s an obstruction. Your sensors can help you avoid such risks.

Look at your garage door’s sensors to see if there’s an LED light. Do you notice any blinking? If you do, it’s time to readjust them. You can use a screwdriver to secure the bracket around the sensor. Once it’s secured, the sensor should be ready to work correctly.

4. Consider a Tuneup

How do you keep your garage door safe and operating as intended? An annual garage door tuneup can answer this question. A professional can inspect your door to ensure that it works properly. They’ll check hardware and cables to make sure every component is secure. An expert can also replace different parts that could’ve worn down over time. Opting for regular tuneups is one of the best steps for keeping a garage and garage door system safe.

Contact a Garage Door Specialist at American Overhead Doors, Inc.

If you want to ensure that your garage door works reliably, contact us at American Overhead Doors, Inc. today. Our garage door specialists can conduct a check and provide specific recommendations that enhance your safety. Whether you need a spring replacement or a new garage door entirely, we’re here to provide reliable service for anyone in the state of Connecticut.

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